Saturday, May 6, 2017

An Update for Our Extremely Devoted Followers

...or those who have forgotten they even follow this blog.

I just wanted to share with you that Phil has passed.  He was sick for a few months and after loads of vet visits, I had accepted that I wasn't going to be able to figure out what was causing his issues.  Within 36 hours of that acceptance, my Philalicious headed for the Rainbow Bridge.

If you're interested in that story, there are 2 posts on my main blog about it.
Phil's Issues
Phil's Passing

Phil touched many lives.  We had friends we didn't even know about across the world due to social media (this blog, Instagram, my personal blog) and friends of friends.  Honestly, I'll never really know how many lives Phil touched and that blows my mind.

I mostly stopped updating this blog after a relationship went south and I was struggling to function from day to day so blogging just really tanked.  Additionally, I was sharing Phil and Meri on instagram, which was easier.

I've had to share the news several times now and I've written about Phil a lot in the past few days.  I just wanted to share what I put on the GEGR forums here for everyone else.

Yesterday, we let Phil go.
Phil had a special club of fans that he had deemed his elite.... by peeing on them.
Phil was a gluten addict and I only enabled him by never buying a bread box.
Phil would traverse some extremely treacherous terrain (aka slippery floors) for food on the counter.
Phil was a gentleman who often sported mustaches and bow ties and he celebrated Movember every year.
Phil was the most redneck dog in South Carolina because of his missing front teeth.. but only some of them.
Phil would lose his mind over getting to go on a walk or a car ride. The only thing better than walks/rides were not being supervised with a fresh loaf of bread in the house.
Phil did not choose me, he chose my ex. Phil merely tolerated me (for 5 years) as the 2-legger who smothered him with love and fed him.
Phil was the favorite granddog because he was the coolest, most relaxed dude... and he didn't bark.. and you didn't have to lean down to pet him.
Phil did NOT eat his weiner cousins although he did try to eat other small dogs.
Phil let me cry on his shoulder regularly.
Phil moved with me 5 times.
Phil did not like when the suitcases came out, so I would pack for trips at the last possible minute.
Phil's storm phobia cleared itself up when we moved to SC.
Phil enjoyed fostering too much, which led me to get a 2nd dog (Meri).
Phil was happiest when he got the entire loveseat to himself.
Phil didn't have to be told to go to his crate when I would open the freezer to give out frozen PB kongs, he just went and stared at me expectantly. If I didn't move fast enough, he would death stare me until I explained that I was staying home or he got his kong early.
Phil was camera shy, or a jerk.
Phil learned to roo after about 6 months of being retired, but very rarely did he put forth the effort to even lift his head while he would roo.
Phil used to have his own blog.
Phil would only do zoomies in the snow.
Phil loved crunchy toys, not squeaky ones.
Phil never met a stranger. Guard dog, he was not. Leanto, definitely.
Phil commandeered the guest room. It was his, he loaned it out to our company.
Phil had certain furniture that was "his" when we went to other people's houses. His chair, his spot, his bed...
Phil very rarely gave kisses (which was ok since his breath was RANK), but Phil kisses were high value for recipients.
Phil had approximately a mabillionty nicknames. Phil, Philalicious, Phil-boy, Philbo, Philbo Baggins, Baggins, Baggy Pants, Dude, Big Boy, Shithead, Asshole Dog, Stank Breath, Handsome, mein schön hund (my handsome dog), Prince Phillip, Sir Phillip, Sir Piss a Lot, Dammit!, NO!...  
Phil absolutely spoiled me for any other dog ever because he was so easy and turn-key and it will be a hard competition for any other dog who comes into our family to be as good as Phil was.  
Phil struggled in the end. For 3 months we investigated, to no avail. He gave me an unmistakable sign on Thursday morning and our decision to let Phil go was cemented after he had a seizure waiting on the vet to come with the meds. 
Phil taught me about unconditional love and how sometimes simple things are scary. Phil taught me looooooooaaaaaadddddsss and loads about patience. Phil taught me about community and Phil was my gateway into the sighthound life. Phil touched soooo many hearts and we met so many people because he was Phil and he was a greyhound. 
I'm a believer in signs and Thursday night, it rained while we were sitting outside in the screened in porch while we were talking about Phil. Rain for me is a good sign. It rained on my first date with my fiance, it rained the day we closed on our house. There are many, many times in Charleston when it is supposed to rain, but nary a drop falls on our house. I believe the rain was my sign from Phil that he made it to the Bridge... or it just rained and washed away the horribleness of the day. Either way, I know Phil is in a better place and is no longer suffering.
Despite how much I'd love to adopt another greyhound, since they just have that greyhound vibe that is so remarkable; I've told Fiance that he can pick the next dog. Really, I'm hoping this is our segue-way into 3 dogs... 

Phil was one of the best dogs I could have ever asked for.  In so many uncountable ways, Phil changed me and I have zero regrets about how I loved Phil and the life I gave him.

Phil's most famous photo.

An elusive cuddle from my Baggins.

Mom, your laughter isn't helping me.

I'm done with you people.

You're gonna share that, right Mom?

My handsome boy.

The first day Phil came home with me. 💗

Monday, April 27, 2015

We know, we know...

Meri and I haven't been around much.  Blame Mom for that.  She's been skimpin' on our blog (despite the high volume of adorable photos she takes of us all the freakin' time with her clicky box thing) and doing real life stuffs and posting our photos on HER blog because she's a Lazy McLazyson.

Anyways, I snuck on to show you these AMAZING photos that Mom had taken of Meri and I when we were at Greyhounds in Gettysburg this past weekend by Axell Photography.  Despite the name, all dog breeds are welcome and various types of sighthounds (and not sighthounds) have been crashing the party for years.  Whatever, we greyhounds know who the best breed is.

Hopefully Mom will get back on the boat about posting our photos.  She really does have a lot on her computer that she should share with you because we are adorable.  She likes to pretend that no one else wants to see 10 photos of me sleeping, but the truth is, I don't care.  I'm at my best when I'm sleeping.. ESPECIALLY if I've got my mouth open and I'm drooling on the couch and Mom only notices AFTER she smells it.  You're welcome, Mom.

Anyways, on to the photos!


Hopefully we'll see you again soon!!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Photo Dump 45

Mom yelled at Meri so she found sanctuary in my crate with me.

Doggy jail.

couch snoozes

All tucked in for the night.

Creepers be creepin.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Photo Dump 44 - Redditgift exchange!

Mom is awesome and signed us up for the Redditgift exchange for pets.  We racked up again this year!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy 2015!

Phil's 2015 goals:
Drool on the couch.
Get treats.
Avoid getting a bath.
Get in the trash can and don't get caught (as many times a possible).
Take more naps.
Get peanut butter kongs
Don't play with other dogs.
Definitely don't play with Meri.
Get at least 5 bones this year.  
Keep the furminator hid from Mom.. nope, she still can't find it.. bwahaha.
Stop peeing on my jammies.
Go on more walks.
Eat NO little dogs.  ZERO. (this will be the hardest one yet)

Meri's 2015 goals:
Prove my full craziness.
Help Phil get into the trashcan.
Help Mom clean the floor better with my water beard.
Get extra treats.
Teach Phil to sit.
Get Phil to play.
Steal Phil's bones.
Help Phil clean out all his peanut butter Kongs when he's done with them then put them outside for Mom to fetch cause I know how much she loves that.
Meet more doggies!
Don't tell Mom where Phil hid the furminator.
Eventually get to sleep on the bed with Mom all night.
Get Phil to snuggle.
Get my jammies dirty quicker so Mom can't leave them on me for very long.
Dig more holes in the yard.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Photo Dump 43 - featuring Meri

Meri is a real snuggler.

this is a house down the street.
They have an awesome mailbox!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Photo Dump 42 - Road Warriors on a trip!

We travel so well..

I navigated Aunt Courkie's floors like nobody's business.
Slippery floors, bhhaahaha.

Meri was more interested in the toy basket.

I found the perfect spot to lay down....

Cousin Noodles was gonna help Mom drive home.

Yoda aboard.

Mom never gets tired of this photo.

"Thanks for our new yard, Mom." -Meri

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Photo Dump 41

Meri in her bed.

This hedgehog is mine, ALLLLL mine.

kisses from Meri-Meri

She was comfortable.

Meri and Olive tuck Mom in.